Nondestructive Test Laboratory

Nondestructive testing at Institute of Aviation has a long history, beginning from the early nineties of XX century. At the end of 2008 Materials & Structures Research Center has founded Nondestructive Test Laboratory, which is a continuation of the first NDT Lab at IoA. Since 2010 Laboratory has extended the scope of activity with material properties and structural analysis section.

Nondestructive Test Laboratory, which is a part of Materials & Structures Research Center, was opened at the end 2008 as a continuation of first NDT Lab at Institute of Aviation, founded and existing since the early nineties of XX century. Since 2010 Laboratory has extended the scope of activity with material properties and structural analysis section

The team of NDT Laboratory is a personnel with long experience at nondestructive testing, certified according to PN-EN ISO 9712 standard “Non destructive testing – Qualification and certification of NDT personnel”, and qualified to perform material and structure analysis testing.

Within the scope of nondestructive testing laboratory is working on detection and determination of position, configuration and size of material, manufacturing and operating defects at different stages of manufacturing process: from control of the stock through interstage control to acceptance inspection as well as during exploitation e.g. in laboratory, industrial and field conditions. Tested objects are complete structures, sub-assemblies of either elements of fragments, materials nad semi-finished products.

Material properties section is performing materials evaluation and failure analysis of objects, i.a. by scanning electron microscope, chemical composition analysis of specimens, microstructure analysis, hardness and roughness, as well as impact tests by Charpy impact pendulum tester.

Laboratory is equipped with the most modern apparatus for nondestructive testing, such as defectoscopes Magnaflux, GE Inspection Technlogies, Institute Dr Förster and computer tomography v|tome|x L 240 GE Inspection Technologies for radiographic testing. The equipment of material testing section is i.a. scanning electron microscope Zeiss EVO 25 MA z with BSD i SE detectors, EDX detector XFlash 5010 Bruker, surface roughness tester Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-301, cutting machine, mounting press for specimens and grinding-polishing machine, metallographic microscope Neophot 2, Innovatest hardness tester, portable hardness tester Mitutoyo and Charpy impact pendulum tester.

In 2010 Laboratory has obtained accreditation from Polish Center for Accreditation, No AB 792, which scope contains nondestructive methods: penetrant, eddy current, magnetic, visual and ultrasonic.

Nondestructive Tests

Material Properties Tests

Non-destructive Testing Laboratory Manager
Józef Krysztofik, M.Sc.
phone: +48 22 846 00 11 ext. 319