Structural Test Laboratory

Until 2003 Structural Test Laboratory was existing as a Strength Test Laboratory in Component Strength and Dynamic Department at Institute of Aviation. In 2004 Laboratory was included in Materials and Structures Research Center, which has been founded as a result of offset transaction between Polish government and American company Lockheed Martin. Scope of laboratory’s activities and key personnel remain without significant changes but testing capabilities was extended by transfer of equipment and testing methods.

Laboratory can conduct static and quasistatic fatigue tests of complete mechanical components, elements or component’s fragments. The scope of testing includes dependencies among loads in the form of forces or moments and the corresponding displacements, strains or stresses.

The laboratory is technically equipped to perform complex tests of large mechanical structures for aerospace, engineering, automotive, construction, etc.

Since 1997 Laboratory has a certificate of accreditation according to PN-EN ISO 17025 standard and certificates, issued by strategic customer – Pratt & Whitney, which includes basic testing methods.

Laboratory is equipped with testing and measuring equipment and conduct tests defined in scope of accreditation or according to customer requirements, by internal testing procedures and connected instructions.

Structural Tests

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Structural Test Laboratory Manager
Janusz Wlazło, M.Sc. Eng.
phone: +48 22 846-00-11 ext. 879