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17 May 2011

New equipment for non-destructive testing

Nondestructive Testing Laboratory acquired new laboratory equipment for materials and objects testing by eddy current and ultrasonic method.
This apparatus enables localization and description of materials defects such as flaw detection (fractures, insertions, corrosions, stratifications, weld fractures and defining of properties and physical parameters of materials, such as conductivity, waves’ propagation velocity, geometrical measurements, corrosion degree definition.

Flaw detector Phasec 3d is, so yet, the newest model designed for nondestructive testing by eddy current method, produced by GE Inspection Technologies. Except typical fracture and discontinuity inspection application, it enables weld, corrosion degree and rivet joint inspections as far as conductivity measurements. Phasec 3d is very small (117,2×88,4mm) and light (1,1 kg) flaw detector which enable mobility and work in difficult conditions. Inside memory with USB connection enable easy and quick measurements records.

Ultrasonc flaw detector Phasor XS is one of the most developed and high tech model for ultrasonic testing. It’s also produced by GE Inspection Technologies which is a guarantee of high quality, precision and reliability of measurements. Big merit is it’s small size (282x171x159mm), low weight (3,6 kg) and big memory space which enables mobility and work In difficult conditions. Phasor XS is a flaw detector with function of precise gauge’s measurements. Novelty is a multiconvert