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Extension of the S-400 Certificate for MSRC


On March 1st, 2016, after successful verification, General Electric Aviation has extended the validity of the S-400 Certificate for MSRC, the Material Testing Subdivision.

Certificate of GE S-400 for CBMK


On March 6th 2015 the Materials and Structures Research Center was granted by GE S-400 Certificate in the area of HCF and LCF testing. This Certificate means that our Center fully satisfies our Costumer’s requirements in this area.

8 Conference „Fatigue aircraft structures”


On 15 – 16 January the Institute of Aviation hosted the 8th Conference on the Fatigue of Aircraft Structures organized by the Materials and Structures Research Center.

A visit to Hartford


On 2 – 7 November, 2014, Antoni Niepokólczycki, Director of the Materials and Structures Research Center, together with Michał Szmidt and Wojciech Manaj, Heads of the MSRC’s two subdivisions, participated in several meetings with UTC firms in Hartford, US.

The most important meetings were with the teams of Pratt & Whitney that have been cooperating with the MSRC for many years. These meetings led to defining and planning a number of activities aimed at intensifying of the cooperation. During the meeting with the management of the P&W an amendment to the existing agreement between the UTC and the Institute of Aviation has been signed to extend the cooperation until December 31, 2016.

Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies


On 1 December, 2014, Director of the Materials and Structures Research Center, Antoni Niepokólczycki, participated in the conference “Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies” in Tel-Aviv.
The event, organized by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the National Centre for Research and Development, attracted almost 60 participants from Poland including universities, research institutes, companies and public institutions. The Israeli side was represented by representatives of government, research institutes and universities. The conference also attracted a significant number of Israeli firms, including those from the aviation sector.