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The new director CBMK


On September 1, 2013 two divisions of the Institute of Aviation: Materials & Structures Research Center (M&SRC) and Net Institute have been combined into a single division, which retained the name Materials & Structures Research Center. This decision was taken after a favorable opinion of the of the Institute of Aviation Scientific Council, and promulgated in Decree No. 46 by Director of the Institute of Aviation on August 30, 2013. Antoni Niepokólczycki Ph.D. Eng. became the Acting Director of M&SRC. The former Director Grzegorz Galin Ph.D. Eng. has been appointed to serve as Acting Deputy Director of M&SRC.

Implementation of the project TEBUK by CBMK


Structural Test Laboratory joins to TEBUK project realization – „Development of the technology for testing the resistance to damage of aviation and space composite load bearing structures”.

In 2013, as a part of cooperation with project leading group – Composites Laboratory – Structural Test Laboratory will perform static and fatigue tests of Technology Demonstrator.

Verification NIST research impact


In December 2012 r. MSRC has obtained verification of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) that the Charpy tester meets requirements of ASTM E23 Standard for indirect verification in Impact tests.

Impact test in CBMK


Materials and Structures Research Center has broaden its testing capabilities to conduct impact tests. Impact test are carried out on a standard 300 J Charpy impact pendulum tester with motorized lifting and releasing.

The study design collision resistance of structural elements of aircraft and land vehicles


At the end of December 2009 The Ministry of Science and Higher Education decided to grant the realization of developmental project by scientific-industrial consortium, represented by Materials and Structures Research Center. The project “Research methods and system for impact testing of aircraft and land vehicles subcomponents for passengers safety evaluation“ was submitted for 9th competition of developmental projects in the range of defense and safety.